Become A Cavity Cure Affiliate
The Best Selling Holistic Cavity Cure System On The Internet!


How You Can Make Money With The Cavity Cure

We want to pay you a 75% commission to for each sale you generate for us. Get started by signing up and creating a free affiliate account. You'll get a unique link that will be used to track your commissions when people come to our site through your link.

We keep track of your sale and every month you'll receive a Paypal payment in for whatever amount of money you've earned.

We handle the entire order process as well as all of the customers' questions, technical problems and other issues. Your only job is to drive targeted traffic to our website. Once you make a sale you have no further responsibility to the customer.

In order to be an affiliate, you must first purchase a membership in the program. You can then sign up for the affilate program by simply clicking on the link in the members area as shown below:


Then Click on the Affliate Info link at the top and the "Get Affilate Banners and Links" from the drop down menu.


You will then see this screen:


This gives you your affiliate link that you can use for banners or text links.

To use the banners do the following:

1) Right click the image from this page down below and save it to your computer.

2) Upload the image to your web server.

3) Place the image on your website.

4) Create an HTML affiliate link on the banner.

Make sure that you do not link directly to these banners! You must upload the banners to your own web server for use on your site.


Here is the general HTML code:



This is the link that contains your affliate id that directs visitors to our website. For example:


Your website url link. For example:


This is the name of the image downloaded from our website. For Example: image1.gif

Now, lets say for example that:

1.Your affiliate link is :

2.Your website is:

3.The banner image you selected was: image1.png
(and you uploaded it to your root folder)

Here's the final HTML code you should place on your page:

<a href=""><img src=""</a>


Here are some banners for your use. Examples of text ads are here.






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